Native Deodorant is the deodorant you didn’t know you needed.

Here’s the deal, Native Deodorant actually works better than I remember any deodorant working for me.  It goes on relatively smoothly, they have some really cool scents and it keeps me dry – without needing to rely on Aluminium or Talc.

Why use Native Deodorant:

Sure there was that time in high school where all of us were more a collective cloud of Lynx and Impulse sprays than we were people. Back then it didn’t matter how much you had sweat as there were layers of protection designed to mask it. Then we moved on to the more sophisticated Rexona where sweat wasn’t supposed to occur since you were using the antiperspirant but somehow a bunch of people still ended up with yellow pit stains anyway.

Here’s where Native comes in.

Instead of masking the odours or clogging up your sweat glands with aluminium, Native uses “baking soda to neutralize odors, arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and acidophilus to eliminate odor-causing fungi, yeast, and bacteria” and let me tell you it works.

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I’ve been using Native for nearly 2 weeks now after switching to ‘natural’ deodorants for about 3 years and not using anything with aluminium in it (unless I was desperate) for about 8 years. With the exception of one aluminium-free Rexona deodorant that I could only ever find at one specific chemist, I have been disappointed in my deodorant for 8 years.

The worst offenders:

  • are sprays or occasionally a really watery roll on that have you fanning your underarms as you walk around the house hoping for them to somewhat dry before you finish getting dressed. Or give up and acknowledge your shirt is going to be reasonably wet before you even start sweating.
  • require a reapplication after 1-2 hours.
  • make you wonder how there are people out there who never sweat and if you can become one of them.

By comparison Native is:

  • that weird American style deodorant block thing but goes on smooth and dry.
  • doesn’t require reapplication.
  • makes you feel like you don’t sweat! (At least under your arms anyway)

Other benefits include:

  • free shipping and free returns! (Though mine did take just shy of a month to arrive, so I would definitely re-order before you run out)
  • funny emails that make you feel like you are the only customer that matters to them, even if you know that it’s just a mass email template.

My most sweat filled day that Native held up against like a pro:

  • an hour long body pump class
  • the world’s most terrifying bike ride to work (you try not riding a bike for 12 years, the subsequent terror is real)
  • a 3.5 hour shift at after school care with over 100 kids in what is basically a stuffy tin shed
  • dinner and a movie

And all of that was in one day with no reapplication and no body odour at the end of it. It has honestly been life changing, I didn’t even know I spent so much time worried about body odour until I didn’t have to any more.

The Scents

When I ordered my first lot of Native Deodorant, I didn’t know what scents I wanted so I figured I’d buy the classic women’s pack and add on two travel sized deodorants (from the sensitive range just in case).

Then in true Gaby fashion, I conducted a weird experiment.

I wanted to see not only how well the deodorant did but also how the various scents held up against each other. Now a normal person might try to find four upcoming days with a fairly similar structure to compare the deodorants from day to day. Instead I wore 1 scent on one armpit and another on the other, and made my friends and family sniff my armpits throughout the two (technically 3) days.

The results:

Unscented deodorant: after 8 hours still holding strong with no body odour seeping through.

The unscented deodorant is just that. There’s just nothing there – no body odour and no fruity deodorant, so if you like your deodorant to be as subtle as a cat burglar go for this one.

The subtle scented deodorants:
Cotton & Lily and Coconut & Vanilla. Like the unscented deodorant I had no body odour after 8 hours of wear but by about hour 6 the scents of the deodorants themselves had basically disappeared.

The Cotton & Lily did seem to last a little bit longer but that could be that that it reminded me of that scent of really clean sheets and so stuck in my mind even after the scent disappeared. My cat also seemed interested in that one as she spent the time between me taking off my shirt and putting the laundry on just sniffing at it.

The Coconut & Vanilla one should have been one that I loved (and it is considered one of Native’s best sellers) but it just brought to mind the absolute mess of a time I had with one of the DIY natural deodorants 2 years ago and apparently that unease to trust anything coconut scented has remained. That being said it is a really nice scent and my mum has had exceptional results while using it.

The strong scented deodorants:
Pear & Lavender and  Lavender & Rose continued to ward off the body odour at 10+ hours of wear and still had a bit of their scent left.

Pear & Lavender is my absolute favourite. As my dad said, it is something that you would think shouldn’t go well together but actually smells really pleasant. I’m not sure if it actually smells like pear and lavender mixed together but it makes me happy and isn’t that what you want in a deodorant?

My mum and sister both found the Lavender & Rose to be the most appealing out of the scents (though mum found the Coconut & Vanilla one appealing as well). I personally found the Lavender & Rose to be a bit too overpowering for me but that’s why the fact that Native has such a range of scents is so great.

The sensitive option:

As I have a history of reacting to products like shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions, hair removal products and many, many more (including deodorant) the fact that the scents I prefer are part of the sensitive range works in my favour and I’d recommend maybe trying them or buying the classic pack (which comes with 2 sensitive and 1 non-sensitive) if your skin is similarly inclined to hate anything chemical.

Either way have fun on your deodorant journey,


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